It's Time Everyone FINALLY Acknowledges That We Just Witnessed One Of The Most Dominant Runs In History

Apologies for not using a Team Ziti picture in the thumbnail, but for some reason Getty Images didn't send a photographer to the Riviera Theater last night. So I used a Celtics pic since Barstool started as a Boston site, Celtics fans have been upset at the lack of respect their championship team had, and my teammate got to hold the NBA championship trophy a day after holding The Dozen championship trophy.

Nonetheless, you clicked on the blog because you wanted to acknowledge greatness and I don't know another word that can be used to describe the run that Team Ziti just went on. Holders of The Crown for more than half the damn year and only lost it because of a controversy that almost tore The Dozen apart before our fearless captain saved it in exchange of The Crown. To be honest, Ziti deserved another trophy just for saving this league. But that's another blog for another day.

Ziti dusted almost every team they played, which were all among the titans of the league, with their only loss coming in a Pro-Am tournament with Third Leg Greg added as the fourth member. Ziti ran through the regular season like a hot knife through butter than took down three legitimate teams in the playoffs despite people claiming it was rigged. I'm not sure why people said it was rigged, but I imagine it was because The Dozen Commissioner Jeff D. Lowe was trying to take down Dave Portnoy just like NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell did once upon a time.

There are plenty of reasons why Ziti took home the title. Dave's exemplary captainship. My rugged good looks. And of course the big trivia brain of the league's record-setting MVP.

Put all those things together and you get the most dominant run on The Dozen any of us have ever seen. Truly remarkable stuff for all those involved and all those that watched. Thanks to everyone that followed along. All that's left is the celebrating.


For anyone that wants to rewatch last night's tournament, check it out here:

Hope everyone has a great weekeend. I know I will. 

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