Some of Belichick's Girlfriend's Beauty Pageant Rivals Don't Approve of Their Romance. Jealous Much?

What a great time to be Bill Belichick. Why, it was just a few months ago that the music stopped and he was left standing in the NFL's annual game of Musical Chairs. And it was reasonable to assume he'd have a very rough time adjusting to life without a whistle in his hand. Not having a job to go to is tough for any hard working individual to accept. But it's especially hard on a workaholic who loves what he does and has been putting in 16 hour days for 50 years. As my brother put it when he accepted an early retirement offer from his job, when you open the gate, cows will hesitate before they walk out into the pasture. 

Well this old bull has absolutely sprinted out into the wide open spaces and is enjoying every breath of free air he's drawing. From celebrating the Celtics winning the region's 13 championship since Belichick himself ended a 15-year drought 23 years ago, to enjoying a nice trip to Nantucket with his lady friend:

... he's a man in full. Lord of the manor. Master of his domain. The envy of all he surveys. And anyone who can appreciate the happiness of another person has every reason to rejoice seeing these two crazy kids enjoying being together. As they say, all the world loves a lover. 

Which is to say, almost all the world:


Source - The recent reveal of Bill Belichick’s new 24-year-old beauty queen girlfriend has left the Miss USA pageant world reeling.

Jordon Hudson was a contender for the Miss USA and Miss Teen USA pageants as far back as 2019 and even still competing until news of her 72-year-old new squeeze – who she met on an airplane in 2021 – became public.

One fellow competitor in Miss Mass. Teen USA in 2020 told The Post: “I didn’t even know she had a boyfriend — I heard from people she’s kind of all over the place with dating. 

Hudson — first runner up for Miss Maine 2024 and was also 3rd runner up in Miss Mass. Teen in 2020 —also made quite an entrance at Tom Brady’s Hall of Fame induction on June 12, when she appeared in a white Porsche rumored to have been a gift from Belichick, according to sources.

Several of her friends in the beauty contest world said Hudson was not typical of the kind of girls who usually compete. …

She is not a pageant girl,” said another fellow competitor who did not want her name used. …

“I was shocked – not so much by the age [difference] but I don’t know in what world Bill Belichick would be riding a commercial plane,” the source noted, before speculating, “My guess would be they met on a dating app, maybe Raya, or an upscale dating app.”

You know, it's considered sexist to portray women as catty. Or suggest at all that they're not all allies, there to support one another and celebrate any time a fellow member of the sisterhood finds true happiness in this misogynistic and patriarchal world. But holy moly:

Giphy Images.

Sorry to break this to you, Miss Mass. Teen USA ladies, but green is not a good color on you. Just because you can't attract an internationally celebrated Man of the World:

… who is successful beyond the wildest dreams of any of the nobodies you're dating is no reason to take it out on Jordon Hudson. Or to suggest she found him on some Sugar Daddy site, just because he's been emotionally and motor vehically generous to her. He's giving her a white Porsche because he cares about her. And because he can. Just because the slappy you're hooking up with is calling you an Uber and going back to bed is your cross to bear, and nobody else's. 

And what's with the suggestion they didn't have a legitimate Meet Cute:


… where they bonded over their shared love for Deductive Logic and bend-but-don't-break defenses?

What do you think, they faked this?

By his own admission, Belichick doesn't do YouFace or Instaface or Pandorama. Do these Mean Girls honestly expect us to believe he's suddenly mastered Photoshop? Stop trying to make Raya happen. Just accept these two soulmates have found each other. And learn to rejoice in the beauty of a true romance blossoming. It'll make your world a much better place to live in.