Jaylen Brown Stuffed Stephen A Smith In A Locker With His Parade Day Fit


Now this is what I’m talking about. I’m a firm believer that when you win a title, you’re allowed to talk all the shit in the world. When you’re someone like Jaylen Brown and you’ve been dragged for years and then you have the best season of your life and win ECF MVP and the Finals MVP? You have full clearance to go scorched earth as far as I’m concerned

So when Stephen A was on his usually bullshit about what “he was hearing” when it came to Jaylen’s marketability, it’s only right that Jaylen showed up today with a gigantic “Fuck You” in the most petty way possible.

This is the beauty of being the champ. Nobody can tell you shit, forever. Finally, Jaylen has his chance to be petty as hell and tell all these losers to get bent. Love that for him.

That Stephen A shit is just the latest in a long line of pathetic narratives we had to hear ESPN roll with over the last 8 months, and there is truly nothing sweeter than all of that bullshit aging like milk. Their downfall when it comes to this team and their players has been one of the best parts of this run, and now that Jaylen is calling them all out on their bullshit on a day like today makes it even sweeter