ALERT! Brian Daboll Lost A Shit Ton Of Weight, Is Now Officially Skinny And Talking All Cocky About A New Offense

Look at Coach Dabs man! Is it freaking me out? Absolutely. This is the Brian Daboll that I know. 

David Berding. Getty Images.
Al Bello. Getty Images.

Am I worried? Absolutely not. I won't let that fucker Ben McAdoo's villain haircut ruin my thoughts on Daboll. It's simple why I won't too. He's talking about throwing it downfield. 

Who is throwing it downfield is still up in question. But, hey, Daboll knows he at least has Malik Nabers to launch it to regardless if it's Drew Lock or Daniel Jones or whoever else. I don't get the part of the Giants fanbase who think Daboll should be on the hot seat. Have we seen the roster? They are still trying to make up for the Dave Gettleman shitshow. What are we going to do? Fire Daboll and go through the same 3/4-year cycle again? 


Big time summer for bald guys though. We're on the up and up! Landon Donovan calling Euros as the number 1 analyst. Hank joining the club. Daboll losing weight. I mean how can't you want to be bald right now? We have it all.