Daniel Sturridge Was In Hell Listening To Alexi Lalas Use Justin Timberlake Lyrics To Explain England's Disaster Of A Match

First off, you know, you KNOW, Alexi Lalas thought he nailed that Justin Timberlake joke. That man had it locked and loaded, was waiting to fire and was a step away from a Tiger-esque fist pump. That man was clearly cheering for an England loss or draw so he could break it out while sitting next to Daniel Sturridge. Slight problem, this was Sturridge's reaction: 

Man looked at the camera and wondered what the hell he got himself into. Sturridge has been great on TV too. Actually enjoy listening to him. But the man just sat through Gareth Southgate making a mess and England drawing 1-1. He was in no mood for jokes. He was in no mood for Justin Timberlake analogies. Credit to him for biting his tongue, but I really wish he went off the handle just to see what he would say. Allow his side eye here explain it for him.

Hey, I get it. Gareth Southgate sucks. I kinda want to see USA/England trade Southgate for Berhalter just to see what happens. Who freaks out more? It'd be the saddest trade of all time but something I want to see. The man keeps trying to play Trent Alexander-Arnold in the midfield because - and I quote - they don't have a replacement for Kalvin Phillips. 

I don't know man. Maybe don't try to win every game 1-0 when you get that lead? That'll be a way to make sure you don't tie Denmark 1-1. Maybe see what happens if you give guys like Palmer, Gordon, Toney or Mainoo a shot? Just spitballing some ideas. All I know is Daniel Sturridge is in hell, all of England is in hell right now.