Did You Know 'Cotton Eye Joe' Is By A Swedish Band Lead By "Moe Lester The Limp"

On yesterday's episode of The Bracket, we debated which one hit wonder song is the best. One of the options obviously had to be Cotton Eye Joe, which was an inescapable song growing up in the 90s into 2000s. In fact, I'd guess there has never been a sweet 16 where this song WASN'T played. However, I incorrectly assumed that the song was made by some goofy southern band trying to mix in some electronic elements. The reality is that this song is by a Swedish euro pop group called "Rednex" that features some of the most bizarre band member names you'll ever see. 

Never in a million years would have guessed that one. Anyway, you can check out the full episode below which features a lot of waxing poetic about 90s and 00's bangers.