Stop Asking Me For Restaurant Recommendations

Listen... I love food.

I love cooking it.

I love eating it.

I love talking about it.

And I love writing about it.

Inevitably, when you talk or write about any topic enough, people assume you are one of two things:

  1. Full of shit.
  2. An expert.

For the poor bastards who believe the latter... That I am some sort of food expert... Another inevitable happens: They ask me where they should eat. And although I usually don't mind accommodating restaurant recommendation requests, there are a couple of instances where my recs have been thrown back in my face.

"Man, Large, that's WAY too expensive for my budget."

Or "Sounds great, but my wife doesn't eat fish."

Or "You kidding me?!?... I am not willing to travel 30 minutes for a meal!... Got anything closer to my hotel?"

There are simply too many variables involved in telling a stranger where to eat. Variables that I am not privy to and/or don't care to know.

So if you're too cheap for the steakhouse I recommended, keep it to yourself. If your wife only enjoys throating meat, I don't care (but congrats). And if your desire for a good meal decreases as the distance from your shitty hotel increases, then get a Kit-Kat in the lobby and eat it on your cum-stained bed.

With all that being said, I would still like to get the word out regarding some of the dishes that I think are worthwhile. And as I mentioned above, I thought blogging about them would be the best plan of action, so I used to pen food reviews in a series called "I Want You Inside of Me".

The first one I wrote summed up what I wanted to do perfectly...

And you can read the rest by searching "IWYIM" in the SEARCH BAR above.

The endgame for all these blogs was to have them sponsored… Something you rarely see in written content… And that just didn't happen.

So I pivoted.

I've decided to start a small series on social media called You Gotta Try This.

In this series, I will go around NYC eating foods that I know are good, and then YOU can decide whether the dishes fit your budget, your acceptable distance to travel, or your cunt wife's finicky palate.

There's a great kid who works for Barstool named Ian Becker who is helping me edit these, or else they would look like they were filmed with a potato, and I drop them on TikTok first, with Instagram and Twitter getting some shine within a week after the initial drop.

Here's the first one we filmed…


And here is one of the latest…

Ian and I will continue to drop one a week until we get fired or I die, and I'll drop links through the blog whenever it makes sense.

Take a report.