Katie Ledecky Is A Freak Of Nature And Still Absolutely Dominating The Pool

TMZ Sports- History was made once again in Indianapolis … as a record-setting crowd was on hand Wednesday night to watch the U.S. Olympic Team Trials -- which included a big night from swimming superstar Katie Ledecky!!

The organization announced the massive, 22,209-fan turnout at Lucas Oil Stadium … which edged out the previous attendance record set on the first day of the event -- 20,689 spectators.

Those fans had the privilege of watching the GOAT of women's swimming do her thing. The 27-year-old dominated, per usual … crushing her competition in the 1500-meter swim. Katie finished with a time of 15:37.35 … and second place finished 20 seconds later!!

I am not going to pretend like I am a massive expert in women's swimming but anyone with a brain here should take a second and give Katie Ledecky her flowers for what should be considered just an absolute domination of a sport. Last night's display at the US Olympic trials is actually comical when you watch the video. 

She finished 20 seconds ahead of 2nd place for Pete's sake. Just look at this still shot of her ending the race …

There's not a person in fucking sight. In fact if you want to laugh even more there's a shot of a girl a few lanes down swimming in the opposite direction of Ledecky, basically she got lapped. 

Now consider what Ledecky has done in the sport all time, and the fact she holds the 18 fastest times all time in the 1500 meter freestyle and you can do nothing but applaud, or be in awe of just how dominant she really is. If Phelps got praise, Ledecky should get a parade, just an absolute clinic of career and she's still going. Get the Olympics here so we can watch this girl dominate again.