Browns Defensive End, Lonnie Phelps, Was Arrested For Crashing His SUV Into A Florida Restaurant Overnight

First of all let's get the headline straight: that's now FORMER Browns defensive end, Lonnie Phelps. Myles Garrett probably doesn't get let go for drunken driving right through a fucking restaurant in Florida, but this guy certainly does. And my question is the same exact question I have every single time a story like this comes out: FUCKING WHY?

I simply don't understand how anyone making the type of money that these professional athletes would put themselves in this type of situation? I'm not saying Lonnie Phelps was bringing home Deshaun Watson type of guaranteed cash, but the dude signed a 3-year, 2.7 million dollar deal. He was set to make $915,000 this play fucking football. I think he could spend the $20 on an Uber and not ruin your entire future and/or life by risking driving drunk.

Dude had his whole fucking car wedged into the side of the restaurant.

Estimated damage of $300,000. Thank God the place wasn't open at the time.....

What a dumb way to likely end your career. And I feel bad that he did, but how do people make the choice to get behind the wheel when they're in that type of state?

Aaaaaand I was right: