Officially Official: JJ Redick Has Agreed On A Four-Year Contract To Become The Head Coach Of The Lakers

Our long national nightmare of trying to find a coach is finally over, and surprise: after thinking we were getting the greatest college coach, we're sticking to the guy everyone pinned a month ago:

In that blog I wrote that it's impossible to know how an ex-player turned coach straight from the booth is going to translate, probably because there's both success stories and massive failures when that has happened. If we're talking sheer game IQ, Steve Nash would have been maybe the greatest coach in the league today. That didn't work. 

The best part about this is that you keep LeBron happy in his final years, try to nab Bronny in the second round, and attempt to fix this rudderless ship that has been Lakers basketball over the last few seasons. Kinda interesting that Pelinka just offered it to him today and didn't even attempt to talk to Monty Williams, who was amongst the options in 2019. I would have thought a JJ deal would have been done for weeks now, and they were just waiting for the Finals to end before announcing it. 

Big win for my guy Shams though who has been getting ethered by Woj this year. I'm a Shams guy through and through, and it's hurt to see him getting bodybagged by Woj at every turn. Sure, he didn't announce it officially but he was on this from the beginning and to that we'll take our slight win. And a big win that JJ is looking for staff with experience rather than just bringing in his podcast producer or LeBron's personal driver.

Now all Lakers fans can do is pray that we get back to some sort of contending for titles because I haven't slept since the Celtics won and probably won't. What happened to the game I love.

P.S. JJ better show LeBron this in practice every single day to keep him motivated: