Is NASCAR's 'Loudon The Lobster' The Best Trophy In All Of Sports?

The answer is NO, but it's still pretty fucking cool.

The 2024 NASCAR season is flying by, and with only 9 races left in the regular season, the Cup Series is heading to Loudon, New Hampshire this weekend. They're racing at New Hampshire Motor Speedway, a just-over-a-mile flat asphalt oval, dubbed “The Magic Mile.”

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"The Magic Mike"

But all of that shit doesn't matter because I am writing this blog to make sure you know about one of my favorite trophies in all of sports… 'Loudon the Lobster'…

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After this 'monster from the deep' poses with the race winner for a couple of photos, the good people from Makris Restaurant pressure cook the 18-22 pound beast, remove about 6-8 pounds of meat, flash freeze it, package it, and send it off to the winning race team's shop where they melt a gallon of butter and make a SHITLOAD of lobster rolls from Loudon's cooked corpse.

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Finally, a taxidermist reassembles the shell, repaints it to look like an uncooked lobster, and mounts it as a trophy shipped to the winning driver.

Now, some people might say, "I hate that fucking trophy because I hate the taste of lobster." 

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Or perhaps someone else will brush the blue hair out of their eyes just long enough to scream, "MEAT IS MURDER!"

To both of those people, I'd reply- "I hear your concerns, and nobody fucking cares."

Spider, Quigs, and I break down everything you need to know about Loudon on this week's Rubbin' Is Racing. We also bid "FAREWELL!" to Martin Truex Jr and unsuccessfully tried to get a handle on what is shaping up to be the silliest "silly season" that NASCAR has had in some time.


Name me a better trophy… I'll wait… But please don't come at me with a hunk of metal that doesn't feed you lunch.

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("Cool teapot, bruh.")

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