Kendrick Lamar Played "Not Like Us" FIVE TIMES IN A ROW At His Concert While Bringing Russell Westbrook, DeMar DeRozan, YG, And Others On Stage

Even as a certified Drake meat rider, I will be the first to admit that “Not Like Us” is an anthem. I feel guilty every time I listen to it, but I can’t help myself. It’s like when your friend’s hot sister tells you she wants to fuck—you can’t say no, you just have to live with the guilt. You could make the argument that it’s the greatest “hit” diss song of all time. Forgive me, old heads; I’m sure there’s a bunch of diss songs that go crazy, but I simply was not alive when they came out. The closest diss song to “Not Like Us” would be Drake’s “Back to Back,” and if I’m being honest, “Not Like Us” clears it.

I’m well aware Kendrick has classics, but this is by far his greatest “hit.” With that being said, without Drake, Kendrick would never have his biggest “hit.” The fact he played the song five times in a row tells me everything I need to know. Even when Drake was beefing with Meek Mill, he never played “Back to Back” five times in a row. Why? Because he had nothing left to prove. Everyone knows that Meek Mill will never clear Drake. And even after dropping the biggest hit in this whole beef, Kendrick still feels like he has something to prove. But why? Because he knows that Drake still clears him by MILES. Kendrick can bring out guys like Russell Westbrook, Canadian legend DeMar DeRozan, the entire West Coast, and play the song five times in a row like he’s Travis Scott. But at the end of the day, he still will never be on Drake’s level.

That doesn’t mean he shouldn’t embrace his moment, though. Soak it all in. Just as Deion Sanders said about comparing a moment to a monument, Kendrick should enjoy his moment while it lasts.