The Turkeys On Staten Island Are Straight Up Out Of Control

This one got sent to me and I can't help but laugh. If you are unfamiliar there has been a weird abundance of turkeys on Staten Island. By some way shape or coincidence, a shit ton of turkeys have found their way to Staten Island and they have been causing chaos. 

Everywhere you turn there's another one, or another flock blocking off a street. Hell I had a group of them including their babies in my yard just last week. It's lunacy. Some interactions are harmless, some are scary, and some are straight up hilarious and that's what we got with this one.

When this poor girl tries to run and the dog takes out her legs I lost it. Just a fucking perfect video. No one gets hurt, but you are cracking up the entire time as she runs scared from this bird and tries to avoid it at all costs. I couldn't stop laughing. The dog taking off on the leash, the panicked run just a perfect video to start the day. I thank the person who sent it to me deeply, all time video. Poor girl didn't stand a chance.