Bagpipes. Drinking Bars Dry. Getting Naked To Jump In A River. Scotland Fans Are Dominating The Euros, Need Them In Every Major Tournament

This was Scotland fans aka Tartan Army walking into the stadium yesterday. Awesome. We need more bagpipes, they fucking rule. We gotta find a way to use bagpipes as much as possible. I love the march into the stadium with them. Look, I mentioned yesterday that the Euros have been awesome. Great matches and you can see/hear fans all the damn time. No one has taken over stadiums and Germany like Scotland though. We got them drinking bars dry: 

We got them losing their mind in the fan zone. Reminder these are fans who couldn't even get into the stadium: 

They've engaged in food wars, something Scotland will probably lose all the time, but love the gamesmanship 

Even opponents know Scotland is taking over Germany

And to make sure everyone knows they are there, they are getting naked to jump in a river. I love it. That's why the fact they were able to get a draw yesterday against Switzerland was massive. They head into the final match needing a win against Hungary to have a shot to advance. You can't ask for much more if you're Scotland there. We even got them breaking out a worm that rivals Frank the Tank.


This is basically a very drunk, embracing the environment equivalent to a 10-seed mid-major making the Final Four. I love it. We need a team like Scotland in every major Tournament and really just makes me jealous they have bagpipes while American fans are hitting a drum and chanting I believe that we will win.