Joe Mazzulla Is A True Man Of The People After Taking The Larry O'Brien Trophy All Throughout The North End

Elsa. Getty Images.

I'm telling you, not a day goes by where Joe Mazzulla doesn't continue to show that not only is he the right guy to lead the Celtics, but that he's also one of us. Maybe that's why this all worked so perfectly. In order for the Celts to get over the hump and finally win Banner 18, they needed someone who gets it and make no mistake, Joe Mazzulla gets it


When people talk about how things are different in Boston and with the Celtics, that's because they are. But unless you're from here, you'll never truly understand what that means. For example, Ime Udoka was a fantastic coach right? Tons of early success, and looked like he was going to be the one to secure the elusive 18th title…and he wasn't (in more ways than one). I think it's fair to suggest that Ime "didn't get it".

Not only does Joe Mazzulla understand what it means to be a Celtic and what it means to represent the Celtics given the fact he's from RI and has been a lifelong fan, he also understands what this title means to the city. As corny and as weird as it may sound, this 18th banner is as much a part of our lives as it is his. So to see Joe take the Larry O'Brien trophy through the North End so that people could not just see it, but feel it and take in everything it represents is not only incredible, it's also the exact move from a guy who gets it. 

In a way, it symbolizes everything the 2024 Celtics are about. Wanting for your brother what you want for yourself. Understanding that in order to achieve your goals, you have to do it together. This team and this fanbase are as intertwined as you could possibly be. There's a reason the Celts went 45-6 at home this season and 9-2 in the playoffs, and it's not just the talent or the scheme. It's everything, the fans included. 

I said it after the final buzzer sounded on Monday night and I'll say it again. Joe Mazzulla has earned his job for life. At 35 years old, it feels as though we're just getting started. After so many years of searching for the right leader of the ship, it turns out the answer was just another Masshole who loves this team more than anything.

A true man of the people. A true champion.