Totally Normal Story Of An Ex-Milwaukee Brewers Employee Who Doubled As An Assassin And Botched a Murder-For-Hire In Europe, But Is Still On The Run

David E. Klutho. Getty Images.

Here we have just your typical Milwaukee Brewers baseball story. Nothing out of the ordinary, just a former employee living a double life as an assassin, who was hired to kill a boutique clothing store owner by a rival over in Europe. As she came face to face with her target this woman's gun jammed and didn't fire. She tried again the next day, but failed once more. After that she returned back to the U.S. where she now hides from the authorities, while the men who hired her stand trial for the order of the operation. Standard stuff. 

(Daily Mail

Aimee Betro, 44, flew over from her native Milwaukee to kill boutique clothing store owner Sikander Ali on the orders of rival Mohammed Aslam, 56, and his son Mohammed Nazir, 30. 

A trial in the UK heard how the hitwoman, who worked as an administrator for the Milwaukee Brewers baseball team, disguised herself in a hijab before trying to gun Ali down outside a house in Acocks Green, Birmingham on September 7, 2019.

Nazir and Aslam, who were found guilty of conspiracy to murder on Monday, held a grudge against Mr Ali's family following a violent dispute at his boutique clothing store in Birmingham on July 21, 2018, which saw windows smashed and the interior 'trashed'. 

So my biggest takeaway here is this woman is quite possibly the worst assassin ever. It's entirely possible she has never killed anyone before in her life. In fact I'd wager that's a certainty. Why is that? Allow me to explain. 

First thing I've got is she was texting her target. Are you INSANE?

She fled the scene when her gun jammed.

The next morning, she took a taxi to the house and fired three shots at the property before returning to the taxi and going to a McDonald's in Bordesley Green. No one was hit. 

Afterwards, Betro sent Aslat Mahamud a text saying 'you want to rip me off, you want to be a drugs kingpin go look at your house. I will show you. Watch your back. I will be shedding blood soon'.

The father replied: 'What are you talking about? I'm a family man I have never sold drugs in my life.'

Maybe the worst idea possible. I get that she was doing this in order to setup an encounter to off him, but there's got to be better ways. Do a little research. Scout out his common spots. Something besides a direct line to your own phone. She also took a taxi to the scene of the crime? Was the plan to get out of the taxi, tell him to keep the meter running, fire a few shots, and then hop back in telling the driver to step on it? Fool proof. 

We also have evidence of where she stayed in Europe because she never thought to cover her tracks. 

During her time in the UK, the hitwoman stayed at hotels in Manchester, Derby, London, Brighton and Birmingham - including a Radisson Blu.


Used her actual passport and probably paid with her very own credit card. From watching enough movies and talking to Francis, rule number one of murder is to conceal your identity and whereabouts. She blatantly ignored those guidelines and left the biggest paper trail ever. 

Oh wait, there's more? She went out of her way to also file an insurance claim on her rental car, basically shouting to the world that she was very much in Europe in case the credit card usage didn't do it. What are we doing? 

While in Derby, she allegedly made an insurance claim claiming she had suffered a blown-out tyre on a rental car before smashing into two stationary vehicles, one of which was owned by Aslam.

And to top it all off, she never once successfully shot her target. Multiple opportunities, one gun jam, and three blind misfires into a house. Zero results. I'd love to know how these two guys who ordered the hit found this woman in Milwaukee. I feel like if you're going to hire someone to kill someone you gotta do your homework and know for sure that they're legit. The only thing I could see making them feel comfortable she could get the job done is this picture of her wearing these glasses.

 These are what I like to call Kelly Keegs glasses. You don't mess with someone rocking these. If you hire someone like Keegs I'd feel okay in believing they routinely kill people. Also if you spell your name 'Aimee' I'm also inclined to believed you're someone not to be trifled with. 

Maybe this is why the Brewers were inept for so many years. Their own employees were too busy pretending to be hitmen and not focusing on baseball. Those were the Craig Counsell days. Now they're in better hands and in first place by 7.5 games, free of any attempted murderers on their staff. 

What a story. Maybe the most fascinating part of all this is she still hasn't been caught. To be that bad at murder and leave a trail of all the places you stayed at, but somehow avoid being captured all this time? I have to admit, I'm impressed. I'd love to know what caused this boutique clothing shop rivalry that it led to these two men hiring an assassin. I guess we'll all find out in the Netflix move in a few years. Feels like a Jennifer Lawrence role.