Sparks Rookie And LA Star Cameron Brink Has Suffered A Torn ACL After A Brutal Fall In Last Night's Game

Damn. The injury didn't look good last night and we got one of the worst case scenarios for an emerging star in the league. Cameron Brink has quickly became my favorite player from this year's WNBA draft, leading back to last year at Stanford when she was a STAR and I argued she may have been the best women's basketball player in college basketball:

No one on Barstool SPORTS dot com has written about Brink besides me and that's a tragedy in itself, but an honor that I'm willing to bear. The hype continued tenfold when she got drafted second overall to Los Angeles, coupled with some marketing deals and getting to play in the biggest sports market in the country:


She went on a generational run since getting drafted and had the second highest selling jersey in the entire league after you know who. Twitter addicts like our social guy Meek Phil couldn't go five minutes without asking if we had seen Brink's pregame fit, a ferocious offensive rebound and bucket highlight, or her latest Instagram post. She fit perfectly into LA:

She's a great player and even got the invite to the Olympics 3x3 team a few weeks ago for this summer in Paris:

That's a big loss for the team and a truly unfortunate injury which will obviously keep her out for an extended amount of time. Side note, it's hilarious that the Angel Reese/Caitlin Clark stuff has gone so far that when Reese tweeted out her prayers for Brink that a bunch of losers on the Internet said that she wouldn't do the same for Clark:

We're losing the plot on that one for sure. Speedy recovery to Brink.