Glenny Balls Finally Told The Story Of When He Met Patrick Mahomes And It's A 100/10 On The Funny Scale


This is bar none my favorite celebrity meeting story of all time. Usually stories are like "yeah, met him, nice guy, talked for 5 minutes, super chill". And due to the nature of Glenny's job plus his charming personality he is always around A-list celebs. And everyone loves Glenny. Ed Sheeran is basically his best friend. But nothing tops his Patrick Mahomes story. 

I gotta disagree with ol' Ballsy here. Calling Mahomes a pussy is such a dude's rock thing to do, I'm stunned Mahomes didn't crack up and love it. Like, in a room with LeBron and other top tier athletes and celebs, for Glenny Balls to toss "pussy" at Patrick Mahomes is as funny as it gets. It's simply so unexpected, it's perfect.

Hopefully this gets back to Mahomes and all is forgiven. I don't want to live in a world where Patrick Mahomes and Glenneth Ballsington III aren't buds. We need them to make peace, and for Pat to then go on Sundae, all will be right in the world.