Hank Is Going To Look Great As A Bald!


So Henry "Hank" Lockwood told the world he would shave his head if the Celtics won the NBA Title. What he didn't expect, however, was Joe Mazzulla himself to say Hank has to do it by Friday or else everything bad that might happen to the Celts next season is directly Hank's fault, which unfortunately Hank knew was true.



It's funny that no matter where you pause the video after Coach Joe says that Hank needs to shave his head, Hank is in agony wondering why the fuck he said it.



But I gotta say….I think Hank is going to be a beautiful bald man!!!

I mean look at this fella!




Where have I seen that look before? Oh, yes!



I'll say this- being bald does stink. I hate the upkeep of shaving it, but it beats the alternative of looking like Dr. Phil. But at least Hank's hair will grow back. Not all of us are that lucky, AND he got to see his favorite team win an NBA Championship no less! Plus it seems like he'll be hanging out with the Celtics after the parade, so alls well that ends well. He'll be a bald, but at least he still will win in the end. I'm just…stuck this way. Another Hank W.