Earned: The PGA Tour Policy Reportedly Created And Approved A New Category That Will Give Tiger Woods An Exemption To Play In Signature Events

You wanna talk no-brainers, this is a no-brainer. It's better when Tiger Woods is playing in a golf tournament. You immediately get more eyeballs on it no matter what Tiger is doing. Plus it's not like he's going to show up to play in signature events for the rest of his life, although he should. Give me 75-year old Tiger teeing it up for one more time. 

You can't even compare this other sports. Golf is you vs the course vs the field. So who cares if Tiger can get a lifetime exemption into signature events? That's what these things are supposed to be. The best golfers in the world who can play for more money/higher purses + someone like Tiger. I don't even think it's a debate to say Tiger is the most influential golfer of all time. The whole purpose is to draw more eyeballs and Tiger does just that. 

I like the idea of signature events too because it's at least something slightly different than we're used to seeing every week. That's my biggest complaint (outside of the whole LIV/PGA split, obviously) with golf. I would love to see more variety than just 72-hole stroke play every single time we're out there. Give me another team event like we get at the Zurich. Bring back match play, seriously we need match play. I love watching match play. 

And, yeah, no shit there are different rules and new rules for Tiger. You accomplish what he did and you get those. That simple.