A Basketball Tournament At A High School Featuring Girls In Thongs Called "Nuttin' But Azz" Has Been Cancelled

Let me start by saying something my mother taught me from a very young age: Know Your Audience. And that's the advice that the organizers of this great event, titled "Nuttin' But Azz", may have missed. Because I have ZERO PROBLEM with the idea of this very appropriately named basketball game, which is described on their website as:

- a New Jersey "Baddies" basketball event

- Girls with uhh, rather large backsides, playing basketball in thongs

- Top four teams in the competition would be awarded $10,000 

- Ticket prices ranging from $50 for Standing Room Only, $100 for VIP Seating, and $500 for Floor Seats

Here is the promo:

There's only one problem: the event would be held at West Side High School in Newark, NJ. And they didn't describe what the event was to the school district. They called the event a "Community Basketball Night", and it wasn't until they posted the advertisement video above that the district caught wind of what it actually was, and the entire thing was shut down.

They almost got away with it too! But could you imagine if they did? Could you imagine if the school custodian went to open up the doors for the event organizers that night, and these girls actually got into the gym? But it was cancelled before that could even happen....and it's a damn shame. The event logo was incredible (although perhaps slightly illegal).