Whoever Designed And Whoever Approved The Idea To Put TV Controls On The Shared Armrests Of Airplanes Are The Dumbest People To Ever Live


According to a quick Google search, around 2.9 million people fly every day. So the design of an airplane is of upmost importance, and you would have to assume a ton, and I mean A TON of planning goes into perfecting each detail. I know Boeing doesn't care much for keeping planes in the air, but they definitely hire the top of the top engineers to handle everything else. So how does it happen that on a $100 million plane, it got all the way up the chain of command and approved for the TV remote to be on a shared armrest?!?????!!!

I think about this shit a lot. The approval process at these companies baffles me. Like, any time I'm in a hotel and something like a door is way too heavy, I wonder who in their right mind decided 1,000 rooms all needed a super heavy door and how nobody ever chimed in and was like "hey bros, this door is way too heavy". Same goes for ugly carpeting, stupid lamps that you can't turn on, electrical outlets nowhere near the bed, etc. Do they not do market research or focus groups? Blows my mind.

But these controls on the airplane are next level idiotic design. You already are shoved into way, way, way too small of a seat where the middle seat shares an armrest with the window and aisle. So everyone is jousting for an inch of space the entire flight. And then for some reason the TV controls are smack dab right there on the armrests. Makes NO sense.

Again, I need someone to walk me through this. A highly paid designer/engineer drafted this up. Multiple execs saw it and said "that's great". They presumably tested it out. And not once did anyone say "hey, if someone puts their arm on the armrest the channel is going to change."? Like, it's very easy to do. It's not like you need to go out of your way to hit the buttons, they are just right there and you can do it without thinking. It's happened to me 100% of the times I've flown on a plane like this. 100%. 


Just the dumbest design of all time, and it's on so many planes, namely every United plane with DirecTV and JetBlue as well. I want whoever designed and whoever approved this thrown into jail. These people cannot be allowed to walk amongst us, nevermind make another aviation decision ever again. 


PS: And why can't we use bluetooth headphones for TVs yet? Having to use the old, old circle thingy headphones to hear the TV is so ridiculous. Figure it out airlines!!!!