Belichick Wooed His Smokeshow 24-Year-Old Love Interest With the Charm of a World Class Lady's Man

Sometimes, it's your classic love story. Boy wins two Super Bowls coordinating one of the great defenses in football history. Boy gets to run another team. Boy builds a Dynasty out of the rubble of a struggling franchise and wins six more rings. Boy meets girl on plane who was born around the time he won his first Super Bowl as head coach. They fall in love and live happily ever after. It's a tale as old as time. Song as old as rhyme. 

Except that life is never that easy. It isn't some fairy tale. Meeting that person of your dreams is more than just serendipity. In very real way, finding true love is an act of courage. It takes a leap of faith on each person's part. It requires you to be willing to put yourself out there. To be willing to get hurt. And to use the most cringe-inducing word that gets said on The Bachelor a minimum of three times between every commercial break, it means you have to be ... vulnerable

While Bill Belichick hasn't been vulnerable to anything beyond rules changes designed to stop him from dominating lesser coaches and getting his draft picks taken away, he certainly proved he's got incredible game off the field when he first met the new love of his live, Jordon Hudson. Whom we can now confirm was the cheerleader whose house he was rumored to be doing the Stride of Bride out of:

But we are hear to discuss how this love story began. And it is magnificent:


Source - During Bill Belichick's first interaction with his now-girlfriend Jordon Hudson, he actually gave her an autograph -- one in which he thanked her for an impromptu lesson on logic.


Check out images of the signature that TMZ Sports obtained from one of Hudson's ex-Bridgewater State University classmates. You can see the former New England Patriots head coach wrote the then-20-year-old a sweet message on the inside of a textbook titled "Deductive Logic" -- expressing his gratitude to her for "a course" on the subject -- before he slapped his John Hancock on it.

Our sources say Belichick put the pen to the paper during the two's first meetup on a February 2021 plane ride from the Boston area to Florida -- after he had leaned in to inquire about the matter. 

We're told Belichick chatted with Hudson about logic for a while -- before introducing himself, and later signing the book … while adding the years of each of his Super Bowl wins.

Coach Belichick, you old honeydripper you! What an incredible flex it was to add the Super Bowl digits, which took up most of the page. Not in order to impress her. Just signing things the way he signs things. As Wilson Pickett sings in "Man and a Half, "No brags, just facts." 

I mean, there's not a single man among us who hasn't, at some point, thought about chatting up an attractive female passenger on a flight. But it takes the balls of a brass monkey to pull it off. Most people traveling just want to be left alone in their own headspace. If you get shut down you've got to sit there awkwardly for the rest of the flight, pretending it never happened. And the odds are very much in favor of you coming across as Del Griffith than some suave man of the world she'd love to stay in touch with. 

But not this gentleman. Not this world class Swordsman. He analyzed Jordon Hudson like he did The K-Gun Offense and The Greatest Show on Turf. Hell, I have no doubt he'd already read Warren Goldfarb's "Deductive Logic" and used it to stop Sean McVay's Rams in Super Bowl LIII. Or at the very least, to find some common interest with any Philosophy major who just happens to want to pass the time on a trip to Florida. 

You have to admire that. If you have any sense of romance, it has to give you hope that the right person is out there for anyone. So long as they're willing to open their heart and their philosophical mind to another. It's profoundly beautiful. 

Though I'm hardly neutral in this. For one thing, Belichick and I have that bond that comes from interviewing him once a week for two seasons:

Second, like Ms. Hudson I am a proud graduate of Bridgewater, and we Black Bears stick together. And appreciate it when one of our own finds true happiness.

But more than anything, I'm a hopeless romantic. I'm in love with the idea of love. And seeing this outpouring from Jordon on what was an emotional night for all of us?


It demonstrates these two were meant to be. It's more than just something my heart is telling me. It's Deductive Logic. Godspeed, you two crazy kids.