A Man Is Suing Apple For $6 Million Because His Wife Is Divorcing Him For Finding Text Messages To Sex Workers He Previously Deleted

Listen, if I've said it once I've said it a thousand times: if you're going to cheat on your wife by texting sex workers through your Apple phone, you need to make sure to delete the messages off your family computer, too. EVERYONE KNOWS THAT! 

.....except apparently this guy. And I find it hilarious that he thinks he's the victim here. Cheats on his wife and then sues for it! Could you imagine someone bringing this much harm on their own personal situation by a specific choice they made and then crying foul? Men these days are delusional....

Or maybe there's a chance he should look in the mirror and realize he brought this entire thing on himself? With that being said, I do think this whole iCloud thing is kinda bullshit. I do not side with the guy by any means, but I do agree with his main argument of "If you are told a message is deleted, you are entitled to believe it's deleted". I think a more fair feature would be for you have the option to KEEP the messages on your other devices if you wanted. I'm looking at my Mac right now, and I've got text messages dating back for years, when I've only got text messages on my phone dating back a few months. Now I'm faced with the option of going through and taking a few hours to delete all those messages, or just living with my computer having 5+ years of stupid shit on it.

Do we think he has a case? He's suing Apple for SIX MILLION DOLLARS, saying that if he had a chance to talk it out with his wife instead of her finding it all out on herself at once, they'd still be together. And the divorce has been costly! Damn, I guess there's really one person to blame for him cheating on his wife with sex workers......Apple.