The DREAM - Monty Williams Fired After 1 Season, Will Make $65 Million Over The Next 5 Years To Not Coach


Lord I have seen what you've done for others!

How does one man get so lucky? Monty Williams, take a god damn bow. He's not a bad coach. In fact, if you recall, he was the 2022 coach of the year over in Phoenix. And that success led him to signing a 6 year, $78.5 million deal in Detroit. He was probably as confused as you are reading that. He was the Lil Sas meme when they offered him that,


because while he's not a terrrrrible coach, nobody would confuse him for Phil Jackson either. 

And now? Well now he's the world's luckiest man. He gets out of an awful situation in Detroit, and he has 65 million more dollars coming his way. Stop and truly comprehend that number. $65 million. I mean sure, guys like Monty fucking LOVE basketball and want to be in the game forever. But I would guess he can love basketball from his yacht in the French Polynesian. He can love basketball while not trying to figure out how to make James Wiseman good at basketball.

And wanna know the real kicker??? He's still getting paid by the Suns too! When they fired him he still had 3 years and $21 million left on that contract!!!! Monty Williams you are my hero!!!!!

Congrats to coach. Close to $100 million coming his way, and he can still find another coaching job if he so desires. A legend in our own time.



PS: Can't wait for the Pistons to hire some random former Piston with limited to zero coaching experience. Congrats on the new gig, Rip Hamilton!