The First 24 Hours After Your Favorite Team Wins A Championship Is One Of The Best Feelings In Life

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It doesn't matter who your favorite team is or what sport it comes from, there is simply nothing quite like seeing that team win a championship. Especially if you've been molded by numerous playoff failures year after year of getting so close. It doesn't matter if it's the first title you've ever seen or the 13th, at the end of the day it's why we all watch sports. The hope that one day, your favorite team will end the year as the only team standing while holding the championship trophy high. It's a life changing event no matter how you slice it.

When it comes to the 2024 Boston Celtics title, it's special for a laundry list of reasons. The 10+ year climb to get to this moment, the validation it brought, the previous failures that had to happen along the way, all the players that came before this group, all the highs and all the lows, the foundation being homegrown players, the list goes on and on. And while I'm sure there are some who are sick of me blogging about this, I have some bad news

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I've waited 16 years for this moment. For the last 10, you all  have been able to enjoy my pain that usually arrived around this time every season, so finally the shoe is on the other foot and I am going to enjoy the shit out of this thing. I don't think I'll ever stop if we're being honest.

Which brings me to the point of this blog. Seeing as how we've just completed the first 24 hours of the Celtics being NBA Champions, I have to admit, it was WAY better than I ever imagined. It got me thinking, is there a better feeling than that first 24 hours? The initial wave of excitement when it first happens is unlike anything your body experiences, but to me what comes next over the following 24 hours is the best part. For one, you can finally exhale. That's half the battle, especially when it comes to the 2024 Celtics. Very stressful season in terms of what was on the line historically for this team.

But as a fan, I'm not sure any of us have slept since the final buzzer. The content binge that follows a title might actually be the most addicting substance on the planet. I've never done crack, but I can't imagine it's better than what we've been living over the last 24 hours. You watch every video, every highlight, every interview, ever edit over and over and over until your eyes bleed, and then you watch it again. You listen to every podcast ready every blog/article/etc until you look over and it's 3:37am and you aren't even CLOSE to being tired. Injecting all that shit into your veins over the first 24 hours of being a champ is what it's all about. Gone are the days of doom scrolling, replaced instead with erotic scrolling. And guess what? The beauty of all this is that these things will exist forever. Then you realize that this reality is going to exist for another 364 days until the end of next season assuming you don't go back to back. 

I spent a long time dreaming about what these 24 hours would be like after the Celts finally won a title. For the last 16 years, that's all it was. It was a dream. To finally be able to live out that dream and for it to be even better than I imagined, that shit rules. It all feels like a dream that I never want to wake up from, to the point where part of me can't really believe it actually happened.

Now if you'll excuse me, it's time to go back for another round