The Entire Eastern Conference is SHAKING SCARED Now That The Pacers Are Going To Sign Pascal Siakam To A Max Contract

Did the Indiana Pacers just solidify themselves the best team in the Eastern Conference? 100% ... no. Obviously. BUT, signing Pascal Siakam was the one move the Pacers had to pull off for the offseason to not be considered a complete and total failure. 

There was never a doubt in my mind that we wouldn't resign Siakam. When Spicy P said one of the craziest statements of all-time - that the two players he wanted to play with most in the NBA were ...

1. Kevin Durant 


I knew this man was either the biggest liar in the history of lying, or this man know's ball, and knows the best fit for him in the NBA. Looks like the latter is true, and I'm pumped another Pacers trade looks to be working out where the front office went and put their balls on the table 

The Pacers essentially leased Siakam for half a season to see if he would be a fit by gambling away 3 first round picks, Bruce Brown Jr, and who could forget Jordan Nwora. Pushing all the chips in was a huge risk that could have given us absolutely zero return. I guess we made it to the ECF this year, but a lowkey mickey mouse trip to the finals doesn't seem worth setting back the franchise rebuild. Instead, acquiring Siakam put the rebuild in hyper-speed and put Indy ahead of schedule. 

Siakam was huge for Indy in the playoffs, and is still learning to embrace his role as a veteran voice/ top guy in a young locker room. He'll only get better when he's with the team for more than a cup of coffee. I've said on record that P is one of the best players in the entire league at creating his own shot. He has one of the softest touches around the rim, and an unguardable step back jumper. His defense is solid, on a team that could use all the defensive help in the world. I'm not going to pretend to know the NBA cap, but I do know that what seems like an extremely pricey deal will end up being not as much money as you'd expect with the cap going up soon. That leaves enough room for the Pacers to sign an Obi Toppin, and trade for a big defensive wing player (assuming Jarace Walker isn't the answer this season.) 

I couldn't be happier. It's hard to get talented free agents to Indy, and the front office went out and got it done. This would have been the bust of the century if Spicy P didn't resign with Indy, but we don't have to worry about that. Imagine giving up a ton of good players and draft capital and having to worry about if you're going to be left hanging high and dry by a franchise changing player. Wouldn't be us.