“Look at this s–t,” one onlooker says. “What the f–k is going on here?”

“Holy s–t,” exclaimed another.

“Whole f–king brawl,” the first onlooker said, before providing some play-by-play action. “Look at this, they’re beating him down. Guy’s got his shirt over his head. Look at this .. ooh, took him down!”

As the fight seemingly wears down, one of the combatants implored everyone to “cut it out!”

I guess when you play as a threesome you end up fighting like a threesome. Surprisingly this Father's day outing out of Ohio actually reminds me a lot of the 5v5 MMA fights. Just waaay more sloppier. 

Reports are the fight was started due to a 4 footer not being given and the guy missed it. 

I do not understand golf etiquette at all. I feel like a 4-foot put is far enough not to be a gimme but that may just be me. I need the Foreplay guys to break down when you are allowed to fight in golf. I think a similar breakdown by the Chiclets guys would be good for the uniformed when to fight in hockey. 

Is this a legit thing where guys will fight over golf etiquette? Golf course fights are hilarious because most fights take place in a wide open battlefield of sorts where everyone can see it all go down. Like the group behind them are just trying to break 110 and they see a melee break out. Gotta be such a good feeling for the onlookers. It's hot and muggy, you are hitting the ball like shit, but then you see some dads start chuckin at each other and it makes it all better. Really puts things in perspective.