Awesome - Dick Vitale Has Beaten Cancer Again, Went Through Vocal Cord Surgery And Expects To Call College Basketball Games This Year

Hell yes. For those that might have forgotten or didn't know, Dickie V has battled a couple different types of cancer and has once again kicked its ass. Now he's expecting to call games again this year after being sidelined with vocal cord cancer. Look, I don't care what you think about Dickie V the announcer, he's as much college basketball as anyone else. He's been in our college basketball world for my entire life. He was the guy who had the big game voice, mostly ACC games, when I was growing up in the 90s. You couldn't watch Tim Duncan or Randolph Childress without Dickie V. 

I said this not too long ago. It sucks seeing guys we know and grew up with leaving the game. I know it happens with age, but it really hits home when it's a guy you spent your entire life basically watching or listening to. Dickie V should go out his own way. Not because of this bullshit disease that he'll keep beating. Not because of health conditions. Dickie V earned the right to call one more season, even if it's just one game, and decide to hang it up if he wants. He's one of the guys who deserves a retirement tour. 

I have nothing but respect for Vitale though with what he's done to help battle children's cancer. It's remarkable. Another reason why I love that he posts a video of his doctor telling him it looks good.

You think he's going to miss a Vandy/Georgia game? I don't think so. The guy is going to be dialed in. 

As always, fuck cancer.