This Fella Came Onto A YouTube Dating Show And Roasted Every Woman Who Didn’t Want Him And Now He’s Fired From His Plumbing Job

Let me start off by saying this is potentially the most electric 4 minute clip you'll see on the ole bird app. I watched this last night instead of the second half of the NBA Finals because nobody wants to see Boston win and got through 2 hour long episodes laughing the entire time. 

I wouldn't want any problems from this guy, so respect to the girl who decided to tell him he looked like a ninja turtle after he spent five minutes eviscerating the competition. For some context of this dating show, they introduce a male contestant who then asks questions to the females, who all can pop their balloon at any time if they lose interest. This fella never had a chance after the first girl who seemingly had a decent reason for popping it and said she didn't see any chemistry proceeded to get her life flashed before her eyes as he said "the feeling is definitely mutual".

Anyway, maybe arrogance goes a long way in dating because I hope you're sitting down for this...

He got a match

I love how he kept repeating he's a licensed plumber and the girl across from him said "I do real estate" like they were going band for band on career paths. That was until he said "I have 100 bands in my bank account that I could show you, do you?" And listen, I don't know many plumbers, but the one I've met in New York always shows up to the bar in a Lamborghini Urus and said he was a plumber so who am I to not believe him? 

And it breaks my heart to say this, but this man's biggest crime was his humility and honesty, because as of three hours ago, he's a plumbing free agent:

And they didn't make it…


Love is dead. 

P.S. I'm telling you these are as electric as reality television can get: