Nothing Worse Than Giving A Heartfelt Pregame Speech Only To Get Absolutely Dominated By The World's Smartest Dumb Guys

This is what trivia is all about. This is why we suit up in our bowling league-esque uniforms. THIS IS ... JUNE. This month, any team that makes it to the big dance, has a chance. Gen XYZ is the trivia equivalent of the cinderella at large bid that shocks the world. We've made a deep run to the final 4, and have been giant killers along the way. Beating the #1 seed Frankettes one season, and the #2 seed Minihane the next. Every member of XYZ plays their role on the team perfectly - Large is the superstar talent that creates his own shot, Jake is the 3 point specialist from the corner, and Ol' Vibbsy is the enforcer that goes around bashing in skulls. 

Normally, I'd leave the pregame talk up to our star player, but as we were walking on set I looked Large directly in the eyes and said, "I think I'm going to give a speech." That's exactly what I did. I spoke from the heart, and had our team ready to run through a brick wall. Unfortunately, you can't inspire a team to trivia harder, and we ran directly into an unbudging brick wall that is the Booze Ponies. 

The Booze Ponies might be the smartest group ever assembled. This is the Los Alamos atomic bomb crew of sports and snack trivia. Knowing exactly how many calories are in a party sized bag of Doritos, and knowing the exact score of a movie staring smoke show Emily Ratajakwoski. This league might not be scripted, but the Booze Ponies were built for this league. I know comparing playoff trivia to professional sports is a stretch, but understand how it feels to play a solid game, but your opponent is shooting lights out. There is nothing you can do, but tip your cap. It's not that we didn't have it, the Ponies were just clicking on all cylinders. 

It sucks getting boat raced after giving my version of the Ed Reed Miami Hurricane's locker room speech, but people remember iconic moments, not the outcome of the series. Reggie Miller did the classic choke gesture to Spike Lee in the 1994 ECF, and no one remembers the Pacers lost that series. They just remember Reggie owning Spike. Hopefully, history will forget the loss and remember the speech. 

Tonight there are two more incredible trivia matches. I enjoy watching the Yak aka the bad boys of trivia, but I have to root for the Booze Ponies the rest of the tournament. Simply because if the Booze Pound makes a run, it makes Gen XYZ's loss look better (obviously).