The Aftermath: Rory Basically Released A Notes App Talking About Resiliency, Congratulating Bryson And Announcing He's Skipping Tournaments

I mean, yeah no shit, Rory is basically broken. He suffered a brutal collapse and for the second time in a couple years a ridiculous up and down cost him a major. Remember this one from Cam Smith? 

Now can we say this sucks? Yeah, it sucks. The Travelers is a signature event, Rory should be playing in it. Right now the biggest argument with golf is the lack of loaded fields. You already have the split with LIV and taking away those guys. Now you have people skipping events. I get it. Again, who the hell knows what else is going on with Rory since he's had the reverse divorce and Shane Lowry put this out

I don't even care that he didn't 'speak' to reporters. I mean yeah, I would have liked to hear what he had to say, but how different would it be? Every single time is basically the same sort of answer and we would have just gotten this in front of a camera. Plus it's actually hilarious to see people lose their mind about Rory leaving the US Open and ridiculous hyperbolic statements about him peeling out of there. This is a dangerous speed, no doubt. 

It's not a surprise that he'd skip a couple tournaments before the Scottish and Open. But come on, you gotta play in the Travelers. Shane put it perfectly. Golf is the best and worst sport in the world. Nothing is more frustrating than missing a short putt, I assume it's even worse when you're trying to snap a 10-year major streak. Again, I'm strictly speaking as a fan here. I want to see the best guys in the world play in as many tournaments as possible together. That's why it sucks.