Does Being a Blue Blood Matter in College Football? The Answer is HELL NO

We can sit all day and debate who is and who isn't a blue blood in college football (although I think it's rather obvious who they are) but it really doesn't matter. Clemson and Georgia are two very glaring examples in recent memory why it doesn't matter at all. Clemson was able to come from general obscurity and crash the party to dominate college football for a significant stretch. If Dabo ever gets his head out of his ass and adapts shit, they may still be able to! Georgia is in the midst of a dominant run where they are the odds on favorites to win three out of four national titles. 

If you have a great coach, if you can recruit, if you're in a power conference and you have some money to spend you can compete with anyone in the country. Money isn't limited to just blue bloods. Plenty of power conference schools have just as much if not more resources. Ole Miss and Missouri are proving that right now. Schools like Washington and TCU have played in the title game the last two years. There's tons of other schools who can hire good coaches that can recruit and who have rich donors willing to dump millions of dollars into NIL and upgrading facilities. That's what it's about in College Football in the year 2024.

We talked about this, Ryan Day cussing out his former staff member for going to Michigan, Les Miles suing LSU, best helmets in CFB, obscure national title and more on this weeks episode of Unnecessary Roughness. Watch on all platforms below. 

P.S. - The Blue Bloods are Ohio State, Michigan, Texas, Oklahoma, Alabama, USC, Notre Dame and I guess Nebraska. If you disagree with this list you just don't know ball.