This Mariachi Band Playing "Higher" At The Rangers Game Needs To Release An Entire Creed Cover Album

One of life's greatest pleasures is going for a drive, rolling the windows down, and blasting some Creed at full volume. Maybe sprinkle a little Pearl Jam into the mix and really have yourself a day. The only issue is that when you come up to a red light, everyone just assumes you're a divorced dad. 

Now if this mariachi band went ahead and put out an entire album of Creed covers? That would solve everything. Give us the hits. Higher, One Last Breath, My Sacrifice, Are You Ready, My Own Prison. The more you go down the list, the more you realize everything is a hit. 

You'd get all the dopamine that comes with driving around with Creed blasting at full blast, but people would just assume you're a man of eclectic culture instead of a divorced dad with a tribal band tattoo and just got kicked out of your son's tee ball game. 

Sidenote: Having a mariachi band playing "Higher" cancels out the Mavs getting closed out by Boston last night in the NBA Finals. Still an overall successful night for Texas sports.