Landon Donovan's Hair Transplant Is Coming In Great, Why Do You Ask? (Bonus: His Texts Where He Realizes The World Saw The Disaster)

If you were on the Internet or watching FOX lead-in to the France/Austria match yesterday you saw it. You already know what's going to be the next photo. Landon, looking like a million bucks pal! 

Yikes! Look we all fired off the jokes, but we weren't sure what was going on. Maybe the shower didn't take, you ever think about that? Happens to great pundits on TV all the time. 

Maybe it was a hair transplant, some even said maybe we should make sure it wasn't some medical procedure first. Maybe he has a shitty barber or lost some sort of dare. You never know when it comes to hair that looks like that. But Mike Magee, former MLS player, Landon's pal, let us all know: 

This is how you get to the bottom of the issue! Everyone was talking about Landon Donovan's hair, we needed to know. Mike Magee took matters into his own hands and made sure to be a good pal, by making fun of Landon Donovan. Smart to even put the Rafa line in there. People don't forget the 2002 dos a cero red card, Rafa! 


What is Landon doing though? Buddy, just come on home. I know rich and famous people can go get hair transplants, but you can't do it 2 weeks before you're on air for the Euros. You really thought it wouldn't show? Good news is that will at least overtake this for iconic Landon picture. 

Seriously, what the hell was that photoshoot our guys did? But Landon, you don't have great hair. Never did. Just come on home. Look at Tim Howard, he's bald and beloved. You could be the same. Everyone is becoming bald these days. It's a great lifestyle. 

Landon, don't you dare turn your head the rest of the time you're on TV. Straight on shots only. And, hey, at least your shitty hair on TV can't take this moment away.