'Let's See How I Swing This Drunk' - Bryson Continues His People's US Open Champ Tour By Getting Drunk And Smashing Glow In The Dark Balls

This is a go-to move for any person who has had a the right amount of drinks and just so happens to have access to a golf course, most likely living on one. You and your neighborhood buddies have a couple High Noons, grab some Pink Whitney and then someone throws out the idea. Let's go play a hole in our golf carts, stay on the path because we're not assholes and know the course. Maybe it's a little lighter, something along the lines of let's hit approach shots because from my front yard to the green is 100 yards. 

Speaking of which - what the hell do you call the patch of grass between the street and sidewalk? You know like the 3 lawn mowing strips worth of grass? I never found a word for it, I've lived in 3 different parts of the country and no one has ever called it anything. We gotta come up with a uniform name for it or at least 2 like soda/pop so people can argue for centuries about it. 

Back to Bryson here. Nice touch with the US Open trophy sitting there watching you along with everyone else. I know people are also debating if this is legit Bryson and how he acts or is it all a show. Probably a mix of both. Think he does know how to play into a crowd but embraces it now. He's also the weirdo who wants to be liked for the most part. Like anything in life though, winning cures all. It helps make you cool. That's what we're seeing from Bryson here. Just ripping some glow in the dark golf balls, drinking out of the trophy, embracing it all. 

You know he asked a million questions about the driver right after too. Feel like Bryson gets drunk and wants to talk about golf science with anyone and everyone. I would say smashing some glow in the dark golf balls while drunk is the most common thing Bryson has done. It's a summer tradition at this point, probably top-3 for me behind the 4th of July and fighting with my kids at the pool about when it's time to leave.