Oilers Boob Flash Girl Is FED UP With The Haters

I'm gonna keep it a buck with you Oilers Boobs Flash Girl. I'm not sure the internet is the place for you. Not that the internet didn't thoroughly appreciate your contribution. That's actually kind of the thing. I'm pretty sure you were the most universally beloved person, place, or thing that has hit the internet in the history of the internet. In fact, I'm not sure I saw a single negative thing said about you, other than from me on The Rundown the other day when I tried to take a contrarian stance by saying that you were being too goofy, and was immediately told that I was being a fucking idiot and should stop talking entirely. I'm just saying, if based on the extraordinarily positive reaction your boobs got from the internet, you felt it necessary to make a "fuck the haters" video (of which there are not many), then maybe don't try to parlay your incredibly viral moment into some sort of internet career. I promise you it's only going to get worse. It would be almost impossible for it to get better.

Although I do kind of love the idea of a person who just responds with an over the top "fuck you haters" after every video they make no matter what. Like if there are 10,000 positive comments, and 1 negative comment, you just come the top with an "OH YEAH BITCH, WELL IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT THEN FUCKING SUE ME, EH?!" That's a funny type of person who I'm kind of here for.

That's all I have to say about this video. Nothing else. Just be careful out there Oilers girl. And maybe stop reading the comments. It's not to late to ride off into the sunset with your massive W's.