This Little Kid Landing Back-To-Back-To-Back 900s Makes Tony Hawk's Generation Of Skaters Look Like A Bunch Of Plumbers

The game is just so much different now than it was back in the day. Was Tony Hawk truly the greatest skater of all time, or was he just skating against a bunch of plumbers?

We're coming up on the 25-year anniversary of Tony Hawk landing the first ever 900 in competition. The skating world came to a halt the moment the Birdman successfully did 2.5 rotations through the air and managed to just hang on to the landing at the bottom of the halfpipe. 

This little dude wasn't even a twinkle in his daddy's eyes in 1999. And now here he is landing not one, not two, but THREE 900s in a row. At Tony Hawk's own event, no less! And that wasn't even the end of his run either. He still kept going and added a kickflip body varial 540 into the mix for shits and gigs. We're talking real life Tony Hawk's Pro Skater levels of racking up points. If you put 1999 Tony Hawk in a vert competition today, he'd probably come closer to last than he would to winning gold. At this point he couldn't even enter a junior competition because there are 12-year-olds out there who are landing 1080s. 

This goddamn kids, man. These little rascals can shred. I'd imagine at some point when they start to throw on a little more body weight, they might slow down a bit. But for now, some of the raddest skaters in the world still need to be accompanied by a guardian to see a PG-13 movie. Plumbers I tell ya! 

P.S. -- For all the old timers out there who wish they could tell these kids to get off their halfpipes