Badminton Might Just Be The Sport Of The Olympics

Lintao Zhang. Getty Images.

The Olympics are coming up and on The Yak, we decided to divvy up sports and make subject matter experts out of us. Everybody got one sport and will follow and do a deep dive of that sport, it's history, current events, and players during the Olympic Games in Paris this summer. 

While I was obviously hoping for Basketball, Badminton isn't a bad consolation prize. Because after a quick Twitter search, Badminton might just fucking rule!

I'm sure everybody's played Badminton at some point in their life, in someone's backyard, at a graduation party or some type of event like that. It's a fun sport and the ball is called a shuttlecock. Other than that, I know very little about it, but with the rise of Pickleball and action like that, could Badminton be next up? 


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