Brandon Aiyuk FaceTimed Jayden Daniels To Tell Him The 49ers Don't Want Him Back


The Brandon Aiyuk rumors have been flying for months now, and now they are more than confirmed. The Niners and Aiyuk are divorcing and he's on the open market with his eyes set on one suitor- Jayden Daniels and the Washington Commanders.

Sign me the fuck up!

Yeah, all WRs besides Terry McLaurin are divas, it's the nature of the position. But Aiyuk and Terry lining up on the same line of scrimmage? Mama Mia! I don't think there's a Commies fan alive who would say no to that. And obviously Jayden and Aiyuk have some sort of friendship/chemistry already, which makes it even sweeter. 

Obviously Aiyuk put out this video to make the divorce even messier between the two sides. If he shows the Niners want to get rid of him, it makes his trade value go down, making it easier for him to be moved. I don't know what he would demand, but what do you think? A 2nd? Multiple mid-rounders like a 3rd and 4th? It's always fascinating what guys get traded for, the NFL trade market has never made a lot of sense or had any real consistency. 

I want Aiyuk for obvious reasons- guy is a legit stud still coming into his prime. He would have a ginormous impact on the offense and be a huge aid in Jayden's development. This team has been dying to get Terry any sort of help, and getting a 1300 yard WR would yeah...I think that would do they trick. Yeah, that'll do it.