Starting To Think Netherlands Has No Chance To Win Euro 2024 After Their Manager Got Caught Eating Boogers On The Bench

I know that Ronald Koeman is a legend and been around the game forever. I know even people comparing this to Joachim Low. But here's what I do know. You can't be getting caught eating boogers and/or snot on the bench to start your Euro campaign off. This is a tournament people live and die for. Can't be doing this as the manager for a team that has some sort of hopes of winning. 

I don't even care about the picking your nose part. That's just part of life. You're lying if you've said you haven't picked your nose recently. Plus, he's on the bench. You think he just has tissues lying around to be safe? Absolutely not. He dug in there tried to get some snot and boogers out and then had a decision to make. Does he wipe it off or does he eat it? He went the route of eating it and it was caught on TV. That's as bad of a break as you can get. 

Even more brutal is the original clip got taken down on Twitter. I see big Netherlands/Holland/the Dutch at work here. You can't take down this video. It will live on forever because it's at the Euros. You could maybe do this during a friendly, not during the big times though. If he didn't eat it and rubbed it on Poland? Sure, I would be willing to say Netherlands are now favorites. But here we are and this is strictly on the decision to eat said booger. Gotta learn from Jim Boeheim, that will stick with you forever.