The Biggest Target For Current Thieves Are Now LEGOs And They Are Going To All Lengths To Clip Them

Markus Mainka. Shutterstock Images.

TMZ- A huge demand for LEGOs and sky-high prices at retail stores are creating a growing black market in SoCal, where thieves are going to great lengths to jack LEGOs from stores.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... theft rings are marching into retailers like Target, Barnes & Noble and Walmart and stealing any and all things LEGO, and the crimes are getting more sophisticated by the day.

This ain't a smash-and-grab type job ... we're told some of the crews boosting LEGOs are now using counter-surveillance technology, plus getaway drivers and lookouts.

Once the thieves make off with the LEGOs, our sources say they turn around and sell them to fences -- folks who deal in stolen goods -- and the LEGOs are then sold on websites like eBay, Facebook and OfferUp.

As we reported, there was a big LEGO bust in SoCal earlier this month ... with nearly 3,000 boxes of LEGO toy sets being discovered by police, resulting in 2 arrests ... and that's just the tip of the iceberg.

Things are getting so crazy, we're told fences are now sending thieves shopping lists full of popular LEGO sets ... and the crimes have become a significant money maker.

Bananas. Who knew there was money in LEGOs? Not me that's for shit sure. Reminds me of the scene in Sopranos when Brian the cousin finance guy says "There's money in shit." If something is out on the shelves, it's got a value. Clearly LEGOs have a value as thieves are going to all lengths to swipe these sets and unload them.

Personally, I was never a LEGOs guy, but it's hard to ignore their significance in the "toy" game. Been around forever, been a staple for decades, and when done right are very very cool. The intricate buildings, the crazy displays. LEGOs can be literally art. Clearly, I'm in the minority of people who played with these things because the demand can be seen by the fact there's a literal criminal enterprise to try and obtain them. Absolutely astounding. 

Normally when you think black market you think of shit you can't just go into a store and buy. Fake ID's, passports, etc. Maybe there's some goods via fashion like sneakers or watches or sunglasses etc but when you hear black market and then LEGOs, that's some crazy shit. I laugh at the fact that some of the most hardened criminals and toughest street guys out there are having conversations on burner phones saying "Get the limited edition Harry Potter" or "Need more Star Wars, the Star Wars are hot." Baffling. Welcome to 2024 folks.