Show More Golf On TV: Someone Tracked Exactly How Much Commercial Time Was Shown During The US Open's Final Round And It's Far Too Much


This is far from the first time someone has complained about commercial time during golf. But this is the first time I saw someone track to the second how much we were robbed of watching golf. I still can't get over the fact one of the 3 biggest shots was rushed because of commercials. 

Rory just missing his spot on 5 and then catching a brutal break to fall into the native area and not even the bunker. This is the sort of stuff we shouldn't be missing or be rushed while they try to show it coming back from a playing through or something. Same with his shot after this when he tried to run it past the bunker, caught it and rolled back in. Those are the sort of shots we need the audio for the entire time, shown live and have some build up. This was the goddamn US Open, not some random tournament. 

Don't get me wrong, I understand how ads work. I know people need to make money. But there's gotta be a solution here. We gotta bully someone, anyone just to make sure we can see more golf. I'd rather them load up on commercials in the first couple rounds and give us as much freedom as possible in the final. That was as good as a final round we've had in a long, long time at the US Open. The course being Pinehurst, two of the biggest names in it, Cantlay trying to stay alive. Shit, we even had Finau making putts to stay top-5, a battle for top amateur. There was a ton going on surrounding Bryson vs Rory. 

We've had two majors in a row come down to the 72nd hole. Both needed one hell of a shot and to drain a putt to win. Yet here I am stuck on commercials, we can't have that! Majors tend to deliver. Give us as much golf as possible during the final rounds. Also a crazy idea, show other guys because let's be honest. Top-10s, 20s, even 40s matter! Nate's talked about how they should show payouts on screen so we can see the value in some of these shots. I agree, as long as we get to see the shots.