'He's Gonna Win More Majors' - It's Gotta Be Torture For Rory To Hear Bryson Talk This Way Right After He Choked Away The US Open With The Yips

We know what happened yesterday, in case you somehow don't read Rap here: 

The yips, the choke, however you want to classify what happened to Rory down the stretch is fair. Then Rory decided to hop in his car and speed away from Pinehurst before *gasp* not talking to media. Some were up in arms (journalists), most didn't give a shit. Look, I know as a pro you're supposed to sit there and talk to media, but if you just blow a great chance at winning a major because of putts that people get as a gimmie across the country, you get the hell out of there. 

Why? Because it's simple. You're going to have to listen to people talk about how great you played and what would happen if you made a short putt. You wanna sit there and listen to Bryson talk like this about you? 


No one wants to hear that right after you lose a major. I don't blame Rory one bit and think it's hilarious people actually care that he left right away. We're talking about golf here. It's not some groundbreaking thing to hear Rory say 'yeah I missed some putts, a couple breaks and who knows.' That's what he would have said! And I know Bryson is just being honest, a good sport, whatever, but this is the last thing 99% of athletes want to hear after losing. You don't want to hear about how good you are, predictions for the future, you just sulk for a little bit. Doesn't even matter the sport, you don't want to hear about how Bryson was a little scared knowing you were coming up the leaderboard. 

Look, Rory choked. Bryson hit the shot he had to and Rory choked. Classic debate of what happened and what was more important, but Rory had this locked up if he makes 4-feet putts. Welcome to golf though. Nothing better than the most frustrating sport in the world when you just forget how to do something so simple. But anyone complaining about sportsmanship? Give me a break, it's all fake anyways. Who cares if he says some canned answers sitting there? 

PS: This is going to be meme'd to death but what a brutal video of Rory