Golf Channel's Johnson Wagner Recreating Bryson's U.S. Open Winning Bunker Shot In Front Of Him On Live TV And Putting It Within a Foot Of The Hole Is As Epic As It Gets

As I'm positive you've seen by now, Bryson DeChambeau took home the 2024 US Open championship in a thrilling rollercoaster of a back 9 between him and Rory. Who could choke less. Rap broke it all down here as he detailed the amazing up and down Bryson pulled off to win the trophy. It made for some awesome television. 

Now I'm not the most avid golf watcher in the world, and sure as shit don't play well on the course, but this live TV moment on Golf Channel caught my eye. By caught my eye I mean it's going crazy viral and it's fucking sick. Reags was off being a dad today and Rap already churned out his blog, so you get me because I think it's crazy that it's midnight and this hasn't been up on the site. 

Johnson Wagner found his way into every shitty golfer's heart a month ago as he exposed how bad his yips are for the whole world to see. Below is the embodiment of "one of us." 

The thing is, he's a 3 time PGA Tour winner and is still willing to embarrass himself for our entertainment as he tries to recreate the amazing shots the pros make every week to win their tournament. You have to respect that kind of humility in a sport where everyone takes shit so seriously and is insanely protective of their game. We need more of this guy across all sports —relatable but also insightful. 

Well there he was again tonight at the 18th hole of Pinehurst No. 2 using the scoreboard as his lighting to try and recreate Bryson's insane bunker shot that set him up for the winning putt. As he bladed one over the green and nearly hit the clubhouse, who but Bryson pulls up with his trophy like it's all part of the script. Think what you want of Bryson and whether he's cringey or not and all the LIV stuff, but the dude just won the US Open the way he did and took the time to grab a mic and do this whole thing hours later. That's fucking awesome. Enjoy the four minute clip, it's well worth the watch. 

How about Johnson under all the pressure, in the dark, having just blasted one a mile over the green, to then stick it closer than Bryson did? What was that? A foot? What a cool cat. Of course he's not a scrub by any means, but doing that in front of Bryson on live TV is epic. 

P.S. In case you missed Bryson immediately after the win, he lived up to his promise in his victory speech and let everyone who wanted to, touch the trophy. 


P.P.S. Can we please finish this PGA Tour-LIV merger so we get to see more of Bryson? Whoever the head of his PR is just turned him into one of the most likable guys in the sport after being dubbed a clown for a while. He's very much good for golf.

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