The Orioles And Phillies Had A "Fighter Jet Timeout" During Yesterday's Game And It Was AWESOME

Greg Fiume. Getty Images.

What an awesome series between two heavy hitters in Baltimore this weekend, with half of Philadelphia making their way down 95 to see their team get absolutely dog walked in the final two games, which probably should have included an appearance on Sunday Night Baseball

But the best part of the game on Sunday wasn't the power display put on by the Baltimore bomb squad, it was the high flying F-35s buzzing overtop of Camden Yards because of Fleet Week in Baltimore this weekend. We got to see the first ever "fighter jet timeout" and it was so loud at the ballpark that the umpires had to call time because of how low the jet was flying.

I was watching it on TV and had no clue what was going on. I thought a fight might have broken out or someone was being booed for doing something stupid. Nope, just America's military might being flexed on a Sunday afternoon. 

What great reactions by Kevin Brown and Jim Palmer too, you could hear how it startled them out of nowhere. Brown announces it as a "fighter jet timeout" and that really is the only explanation of it. The jet was too damn low! Also, how freaky was that clip where Brown says it's doing a nose dive right as it ducks behind a building. My god that was a weird visual.

Americans responded as Americans usually do to such an awesome moment by filling the air with USA chants.

We were treated to a couple of more flyovers that led to a bunch of Top Gun references with Palmer humming the theme song. O'Hearn also said he was trying to hit a home run so hard during that sequence because of how awesome it would've been. Just a wild scene to wrap up an incredible series of baseball.