The UK Is Preparing for a Devastating Heatwave With Temperatures Reaching ... 79 Degrees Fahrenheit

The Mirror — Forecast maps for the UK indicate when the current cold spell could possibly end, promising a 48-hour blast of sun with temperatures reaching up to 26C. A heatwave is predicted to encase the UK at the month's end, as June finally warms up. The mercury, which currently lays low, is expected to at last climb towards the 30C mark by the end of June.

According to weather maps from WX Charts, utilising Met Desk data, the temperature will likely peak around 26C in certain intervals. Cities that will be the hottest include Birmingham, Cardiff, London, Manchester, and Newcastle. This warm spell is anticipated to sweep across Britain from June 26th to the 28th.

Everyone keep the people of the United Kingdom in your thoughts this week, as they will be experiencing a catastrophic heatwave with temperatures similar to what you may find in Tennessee in early November.

This post has triggered a war online between those who recognize its absurdity and others who swear 79 degrees hits different across the pond.

I saw the air conditioning thing brought up by virtually every Brit doing their damndest to not seem like the softest people to ever live, to which my response would be: get some fucking air conditioning? I am positive there are a few window units available for sale somewhere throughout Great Britain that you could get your hands on that would make this horrifying heat wave a bit easier to manage. Also, I've been in brick houses before — at temperatures much higher than 79 degrees — and been just fine.

It's not too difficult to see how these guys blew a 13-colony lead with the greatest military in the world to a bunch of farmers. The next person born on that little island with an ounce of grit will be the first.


"WAHHHHHHHHHHHHH IT GETS HUMID HERE!" Go to Florida for one week in July and get back to me. Also, if your people are dying of heatstrokes when it isn't even hot, that might be something you'd want to look at fixing. Just a thought!

I am now absolutely rooting for the Sun these next few days. Do you worst over there, big guy.