The Bears Offered the Falcons a 4th Round Pick To Move Up One Spot in the NFL Draft and Atlanta Declined, Despite Having No Reason To Do So Whatsoever

This fucking team, man.

You turned down a FREE fourth round pick to move down one spot when you were in literally zero danger of the Bears taking the guy you wanted. I don't know if Terry Fontenot had been paying attention or not, but Chicago had selected a quarterback about 30 minutes before and if there was one team you could bet your life was not going to take Michael Penix, it was that one.

Fontenot should have jumped up from the table and taken that deal before Ryan Poles could finish talking. But I guess then he might have been in danger of losing the title belt for the worst NFL Draft performance of all-time, so I guess I see why he had to turn down a free draft pick. And now two months later, Atlanta has lost a fifth round pick for tampering with Kirk Cousins. Might be nice to have another fourth right about now!

The Bears' fourth round pick next year is going to be a three-time All-Pro. Congratulations, Chicago.