Snoop Dogg In The Broadcasters Booth Will Single-Handedly Save The Game Of Baseball

Baseball is always looking for ways to grow their audience, get the youths involved more. What better way than throwing Snoop Dogg in the booth for a game? He was in Milwaukee following in Frank the Tank's footsteps and threw out the first pitch before he made his way to the broadcast booth for a few innings. 

In typical Snoop fashion he turned it into a show as the ultimate hype man. You can hear the moment the lightbulb goes off in his head when he says "2-2, that's his number!". Just having fun in the booth, he was fantastic. 

But the best part of Snoop in the booth was when he laid his eyes on Elly De La Cruz and got to witness his greatness, which caused him to run out of words like the rest of us. 

We've seen Snoop narrate those nature documentaries, he's been on just about everything and it's great every time. If baseball was smart they'd have more Snoop in the booth. I'd love to listen to him talk about Ohtani, watch Aaron Judge hit homers, or get a glimpse of Gunnar Henderson and Bobby Witt Jr. He's the best, every team should invite him to call an inning or 2, Imagine him in San Diego with Don Orsillo or in New York with Darling, Hernandez and them? Would be the most entertaining broadcasts of all time.