Celtics Fans Fighting Each Other In The Stands At The Garden Watch Party Sums Game 4 Up Perfectly

So what was Game 4 like on Friday night? Well, in Dallas the Celtics found themselves on the wrong end of one of the biggest ass whoopings in NBA Finals history. Just a complete and utter ass kicking in every sense. 

Over in Boston, we got an ass whooping of a different variety. Now I must say, despite getting blown the fuck out last night the Celts are still up 3-1 in the Finals and have a chance to close this shit out at home. It's stressful, but now is a time we as a fanbase need to maintain our composure and stick together. 

The tough part of this video is given where it started, we don't really have a sense at what happened to spark this brawl. We see this dude get dropped and the haymakers start flying. It's hard to judge these situations without knowing who the instigator was or what caused a reaction like this. At the beginning of the video it felt like maybe it was the two young guys, because you can see at the start the dude with the pony tail is laughing his ass off and has a sneaky nasty sucker punch on the guy in the green sweatshirt who was trying to break things up. Initially, that gave me the impression that maybe they were at the root of all this.

But at the 0:36 second mark things changed completely for me. Once that bald guy started swinging at another fan who was just minding his own business/trying to help, I started to think maybe this bald dude is a drunk as shit asshole who clearly got what he deserved? Talk about a plot twist all in a 47 second video. Things began with me sort of feeling bad for the bald guy given how the video started and the fact that he was getting pummeled, only for me to be happy he got his face bashed in like that by the end. 

Either way, I can assure you that getting into a fight at the Garden Watch Party is in no way shape or form worth it. Everyone is the loser in this situation. Why people can't just be normal at sporting events is something I'll truly never understand. Even if you want to go and get hammered, it's not hard to get hammered and just be a normal person. Again, we don't know what sparked this interaction, but I'm speaking more to the overall act we see all the time when it comes to crowd fights.

So listen, we all have to refocus ahead of Game 5. The team has to watch the film and figure out what adjustments need to be made ahead of Monday, and we as fans have to review the film and remember that now is not the time to cannibalize one another. We're one win away from Banner 18, that HAS to remain the focus.